CARE is a new and innovative program.  It is geared towards helping the special needs child continue structured education while developing a relationship with an animal and having fun all at the same time.  We use the natural bond and understanding between children and animals, the use of sensory integration, visual supports and hands-on experiences to enhance the learning process.  Your child will have a unique opportunity to interact with an animal and supporting staff to further develop cognitive, fine-motor, gross-motor, language, and social/personal skills.  Individualized instruction is developed based on the child's personal goals and needs.  This program's ultimate goal is to make learning FUN, EXCITING, & ENGAGING!   

This program will provide small group instruction through the use of animals and child friendly themes.  We will be glad to incorporate your child's Individual Educational Plan (IEP) annual goals into the session to assist your child in meeting those goals using animals to engage your child in a unique way.  Building relationships between children and animals is our way to effectively teach the special needs child to meet their social, emotional, cognitive, and independent functioning goals.

To provide a safe, fun and engaging learning environment.
To help children reach their own personal goals.
To foster the natural bond that develops between a child and an animal.

The CARE program was developed by a certified Early Childhood and Exceptional Student Education teacher and an animal lover and caretaker.

Where the natural bond between an animal & a child develop.


CARE's mission is to facilitate the development of wholeness in children of various abilities through the natural bond between a child and an animal. 

Child Animal Relationship Experience - (C.A.R.E.) Program

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